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Learn How CivicPlus and AudioEye Can Help You Ensure ADA Compliance


Wistia video thumbnail - 2017-10-19 11.00 Learn How CivicPlus and AudioEye Can Help You Ensure ADA Compliance

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Aired on Thursday, October 19th at 10:00 a. m. CST:

CivicPlus is partnering with AudioEye, Inc. to provide enhanced ADA-related digital accessibility capabilities to its local government website clients. View our webinar from October 19 to learn how AudioEye’s technology integrated within your CivicEngage® website will offer:

  • ADA compliance monitoring as your website grows
  • Automatic corrections to ensure accessibility to those using assistive technology
  • Access to The Ally Toolbar, a proprietary assistive tool that allows end users to customize and enhance their experience
  • Continuous website accessibility testing and monitoring
  • Accessibility certifications
  • An end user resource to communicate accessibility inquiries and concerns





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